Family law attorney and member of the Catalan Society of Family Lawyers (SCAF) with several favorable sentences won in family law that have created jurisprudence in relation to child custody, deprivation of parental rights and child maintenance. Specialized in family procedures with foreign component.

My mission is to find the best solution for each client. 

Hereby some of our expertise areas. Should you have any query on a particular case which is not referred hereby, please send an email with your inquiry to info@legal-business.net, we will be pleased to assist you. 

Family law procedures affect the most intimate and personal sphere of individuals.
For this reason, it is recommended to choose not only a lawyer specialized in the matter and with proven experience in this type of procedures, but also a professional who can empathize with your case. In addition, we must consider if you feel comfortable with your lawyer over time because these are often matters whose implications will have consequences over the years and you will surely have to come back to your lawyer with your queries.


Judicial or mutually agreed divorce, termination of cohabitation; compensatory pension and financial compensation for work; dissolution and liquidation of the matrimonial property regime.


Custody of minors, filiation demands, deprivation of parental rights; adoptions and international orders for return of minors; child maintenance claims; divorce decree modification; voluntary jurisdiction in family law


Protective measures, legal assistance during the procedure.


Preventive measures; assistance to the detainee; civil liability; legal assistance during the juvenile proceedings.

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TV GIRONA interviews attorney Núria Angulo. Angulo talks about the precedent created in child custody as a result of the case won at the TSJC

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