“You can feel safe and be certain that we will fight for your case as if it was ours”
“As a lawyer, I feel the moral obligation to seek the best solution for the client, whether judicially or extrajudicially, and this includes not only the economic aspect of the problem but also minimizing the emotional damage, no further complicating the issues and, as far as possible, prevent procedures from being eternalized. ” 

N. Angulo Roig
I have been practicing as a lawyer for more than 11 years with experience in litigations in the Spanish Courts in both civil and criminal cases. 

Specialized in family law, real estate and contractual law and legal assistance in civil and criminal proceedings with an international element. 

For me, each case is a challenge. I am passionate about my work and I assure the client to defend his/her specific case with total dedication. 

In addition to  my career as a lawyer, I have an extensive international professional experience.  I have lived and worked in several countries which acquainted me to different cultures and other legal systems. This broad life path allows me to empathize easily with your case and assertively defend it. I command  the English, French, Dutch, Spanish and Catalan languages.

I’m practicing lawyer, founder partner of AR legal & business law firm and member of the Girona Bar Association (ICAG); Member of Lawyers w/o Borders (L.W.O.B.); Member of the International and EU law Commission of the ICAG; member of the Catalan Society of Family Lawyers (SCAF); Lawyer on the notoriety list of the French Consulate in Barcelona;


I have a Law degree at the UAB-UNED.

I studied private international law at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague (Netherlands), I am a "Master in Business Administration", from the University of Bradford(UK) / NIMBAS School of Management, I have training as a "Compliance Officer" and I have held international positions in several Spanish, American and Dutch multinationals in the industrial, telecommunications, ICT, food and pharmaceutical-veterinary sectors. 

I continue to train permanently and publish articles on matters of legal interest in my desire to keep myself in a continuous update and thus guarantee the best possible defense. 

For any questions to the lawyer Mrs. Núria Angulo Roig you can call (+34) 615 28 70 34 or send an email to: nuria@legal-business.net