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The right to self-determination is "ius cogens" in International Law and the Spanish Constitution can not be its limit

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AR Legal & Business wins at the High Courts against the owner of shopping mall “La Maquinista” and creates jurisprudence

The Provincial Court of Barcelona ruled in favor of the merchant who decided to leave the premises at “La Maquinista” Shopping Center before the end of the contract and acknowledges that he will not have to pay the indemnity clause. Tenant´s lawyer, Mrs. Núria Angulo Roig, welcomed the fact that the Appeal Court in Barcelona gave them the reason again....
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AR LEGAL fully wins the lawsuit against the bank BBVA in nullity of the mortgage interest rate “IRPH” clause

The Court of First Instance nº 1 of Vic (Barcelona) estimates the lawsuit filed against “BBVA, S.A.” and declares the nullity of the IRPH clause, for abusive and lack of transparency, condemning the bank to repay all interest improperly collected so far, more than 102,000 euros, plus the interest arrears and proceeding costs. Lawyer Núria Angulo had it clear from...
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The TSJC withdraws custody of the father for verbal abuse to the mother

UNPRECEDENTED JUDGMENT. The Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia has established a precedent that arises from an appeal filed by attorney Núria Angulo Roig against a previous ruling, issued by the Girona Provincial Court. The TSJC has given custody of a minor, exclusively, to her mother and the argument for this is the humiliating conduct of the father towards his...
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TV GIRONA interviews attorney Núria Angulo. Angulo talks about the precedent created in child custody as a result of the case won at the TSJC

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