May 9, 2017

AR LEGAL fully wins the lawsuit against the bank BBVA in nullity of the mortgage interest rate “IRPH” clause

The Court of First Instance nº 1 of Vic (Barcelona) estimates the lawsuit filed against “BBVA, S.A.” and declares the nullity of the IRPH clause, for abusive and lack of transparency, condemning the bank to repay all interest improperly collected so far, more than 102,000 euros, plus the interest arrears and proceeding costs.

Lawyer Núria Angulo had it clear from the outset that it was necessary to fight it all out and requested the exclusion of the interest rate clause, avoiding the clause substitution by another index and without leaving room for the judge to replace or modify the clause, all this despite that the defendant contended, on the basis of a part of the case-law, that leaving the loan without interest was contrary to the existence of the contract.

We are therefore celebrating this new judgment won in nullity of the clauses due to lack of transparency which implies a clear sanctioning signal towards the banking entities that continue resisting to suppress them.

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