May 22, 2017

AR Legal & Business wins at the High Courts against the owner of shopping mall “La Maquinista” and creates jurisprudence

The Provincial Court of Barcelona ruled in favor of the merchant who decided to leave the premises at “La Maquinista” Shopping Center before the end of the contract and acknowledges that he will not have to pay the indemnity clause.

Tenant´s lawyer, Mrs. Núria Angulo Roig, welcomed the fact that the Appeal Court in Barcelona gave them the reason again. The Shopping Center owner claimed the tenant 22,232, 56 Euros of compensation based on contract clauses that oblige tenants to pay until the end of the agreed duration.

Attorney Mrs. Angulo also points out the importance of the Courts decision that establishes jurisprudence at the level of the province of Barcelona and that may serve as a precedent for other modest businessmen who feel threatened by claims for breach of contract in other shopping centers.

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